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Jaylyn Quinn

About Me

Hello! I'm Jaylyn.

I am an interdisciplinary, multimedia artist primarily working with narrative and experimental filmmaking, 3D and 2D design. In May of 2020 graduated with a BFA from NYU Tisch's Film and Television department, where I focused my studies in cinematography, screenwriting, new media, and animation.

My work often explores on intimacy, belonging, futures, and the digital world always informed by identity and culture. I am of the philosophy that the ideas and goal of a given project should lead the medium and form, leading to my cross and interdisciplinary approach. My art practice is heavily based in research...I truly love image research and curation.

Currently, I have been working remotely in 3D modeling and animation, graphic design, and motion graphics. Mostly, I have worked with musicians on their visuals and visual identity and would love to continue collaborating with more artists in music and other mediums. I'm also eager to get back on sets!

Also, website and all assets designed by me!

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